Dr. Simon Sagmeister - Managing Director

Dr. Simon Sagmeister is Managing Director at The Culture Institute in Zurich and Partner at Science House in New York. 

His focus on business culture accompanied Simon throughout his professional career. As business consultant and management trainer, Simon has worked internationally for Julius Blum GmbH.Oliver Wyman, and Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen. Clients have included multinationals, medium sized companies, and non-profit organizations. 

Simon holds a PhD in economic and social sciences from the University of Innsbruck (summa cum laude), where he dedicated his work to the development of cultural skills in organizations. His academic career path further includes the University of Vienna, the European Business School in London, the University of Sydney, ESADE University Barcelona, Copenhagen Business School and Columbia University in New York. 

Simon combines academic knowledge with management expertise and intercultural experience, having lived in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Australia, China and the United States. He invented the Culture Map approach for the visualization of corporate cultures during his University years, and has refined it with practical experiences ever since.

Twitter: @SagmeisterSimon
Instagram: simon.sagmeister


Thomas Haller - Managing Partner

Thomas is an expert for leadership and change management. He supports organizations from various industries through management system design and leadership development solutions, created on a holistic and systemic approach.

Thomas holds a Master Degree in Organizational Psychology and has 20 years of leadership experience in different management positions, including international assignments as officer to the German Army. As management consultant and leadership trainer, Thomas has worked for Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen and various management schools such as the Salzburg Management Business School (SMBS), the European Academy of Bozen (EURAC), Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften (ADG) or Hannover School of Health Management (HSHM).

For The Culture Institute, Thomas developed culture driven change management programs, based on his profound experience as change consultant and lead facilitator for top-executive workshops.


Frank Hermle – Managing Partner

Frank has 20 years experience in the fields of management education and consulting in the context of strategy, structure, culture and leadership. His particular passion lies in the topics business culture design, transformation management and leadership.

The majority of his career he has worked as an international consultant, trainer and coach at the Management Zentrum St.Gallen and Berylls Strategy Advisors in Europe, USA, Singapore, China and India. He has gained managerial experience at Credit Suisse, where he was responsible for Management & Leadership Development in New York, London and Zurich.

By means of his deep understanding how organizations functions he integrates content- and “psycho”-logical aspects in order to create sustainable solutions with high customer value.

He has studied Business Administration with main emphasis on Management Sciences at the University of Constance.


Peter Pattis - Managing Partner

Peter Pattis is an expert for strategic management and reorganizations, always with an integrative view on corporate culture.

Peter’s professional and academic career is dedicated to the functioning of complex social systems, such as business organizations. As systemic consultant and leadership trainer, Peter supported organizations and their leaders across industries. He designed, led and implemented consulting projects around the world.

Before joining The Culture Institute, Peter worked at the National Economy Department of the University of St. Gallen HSG, the duty free region of Samnaun, the Institute of computer languages at ETH Zurich and at the Malik Management Center of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Peter holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs and Governance and a Master of Science in Global Management and Markets. He studied at the political science faculty of the University of St. Gallen HSG (Switzerland), the faculty of economics and management at the University of Bolzano (Italy) and the faculty of cultural science at the Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt (Austria).

Peter is fluent in German, English, French, Rhaeto-Romanic and Italian. He lives in Switzerland with his wife and two sons.


Birgit Lennartz - Associate Partner

Birgit Lennartz is Associate Partner at The Culture Institute in Zurich. Birgit supports organizations in implementing their strategies and structures by putting a strong emphasis on corporate culture. Key stations of her career path have been Malik Management and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, where she worked as management trainer and consultant in an International context.

With a strong foundation in systems thinking and a holistic approach on management Birgit has specialised in corporate culture diagnostics and design. She developed the Competence Map – a tool to strengthen or reshape an organization’s culture based on management competencies.  

Birgit holds a Master Degree of Science in International Business with a focus on Management and Consultancy (summa cum laude at University Maastricht, the Netherlands). She has a profound International background, having lived in Australia, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands before settling with her partner and her twins in Switzerland.


Birgit Riedel - Associate Partner

Birgit Riedel is Associate Partner at The Culture Institute and expert for the successful implementation of change. In her work as a consultant she proves empathy and competence and has been supporting organizations and their people for more than 15 years, implementing successful and sustainable change with workshops, trainings and individual coaching. Birgit has been living in Canada, Argentina and France and is very used to working with international groups from different cultural backgrounds.

Birgithas graduated as a Systemic Coach at the Institut für Systemische Studien in Munich and has a degree as Diplom-Betriebswirt form the European Business School (ebs).

Before her engagement with The Culture Institute, Birgit’s professional milestones were Senior Partner at Consulting Partners St. Gallen and Consultant/ Trainer at Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen.

Her focus in consulting is change management, in her training work she specializes in leadership and change management.


Science House is a cathedral of the imagination in Manhattan focused on the art and science of doing business.

Science House works with clients to deepen collaborative culture within the organization as well as to develop strategies for spotting opportunities and solving problems.

The Culture Institute is proud to have Science House as a partner on client projects as well as for joint innovations and critical reflections. Our close collaboration with Science House has always been exciting, inspiring and invaluable to our solutions.

Twitter: @ScienceHouse

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James Jorasch and Rita J. King are members of The Culture Institute's Senior Advisory Board


James Jorasch
James is an entrepreneur and a named inventor on more than 600 U.S. issued patents focused on how people use machines and technology. His patents are currently owned or licensed by companies such as Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and eBay. A chess expert, memory competitor and improv comedy teacher, James is a frequent speaker at conferences and has appeared on CNN, in The Atlantic Monthly and in Forbes magazine. Psychology Today’s profile of James called him the “Father of Invention.” 

Prior to starting Science House, James was head of Inventing at Walker Digital where he helped incubate a number of businesses over a 15 year period, including Before joining Walker Digital, James was a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche. He received a B.S. and MBA degree from Cornell University. 



Rita J. King
Rita is the creator of the Imagination Age, a way to frame the period between the Industrial Era, which is fading, but not gone, and the Intelligence Era, which is coming, but not here. Her work at Science House includes serving as futurist at the Science and Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences. She makes Mystery Jars, writes about the future for Fast Company and invents story architecture, characters and novel technologies for film and TV as a futurist for the Science and Entertainment Exchange

Twitter: @RitaJKing